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HVAC Vent & Duct Cleaning

Exhaust Ventilation system cleaning is a very important thing to get done in order to keep your building maintained well. Apartment vents are directly linked to every vent in the entire building. All the years cooking and odors build up in the ducts systems. After years this turns into dust and bacteria and microorganisms. These microorganisms are often the cause of serious illnesses, including allergies & respiratory illnesses. Our techniques rid your duct system of this and get your building’s residents breathing better.

Dryer Exhaust System Cleaning

Dryers cause lint to buildup in a dryer duct. If this duct isn’t properly maintained it can cause a buildup of lint which can cause a fire. In large high-rise buildings which have a shared duct, it is strongly recommended to clean these dryer ducts once a year. We ensure that the dryer and its duct-work are properly cleaned. In addition to keeping your building safe you may even see a drop in your energy bills!

Trash & Linen Chute cleaning/repairs

Trash chute and compactor rooms are not often thought of when it comes to routine maintenance in a building. Trash chutes are filled with bacteria, grease and toxins. We steam clean trash chutes, all hopper doors as well as the compactor and the compactor room with high-pressured steam. We then place EPA registered enzymes as deodorizers to ensure those hazardous toxins and bacteria stay away from your building for a long time. In addition to cleaning, often Linen chutes as well as Garbage chutes get tears in them which become sharp and cut open bags. We offer special repair methods with our state of the art machinery.